Contractor Reliability

02 nd June 2021 by Steve

Whether your heating or cooling appliance requires an inspection,

repair, or replacement, your first step is to find a reliable and

experienced HVAC contractor in your area. For finding the best

service provider, here are some tips for you;

Referrals: You should ask your friends, family, and neighbors if

they had a good recent experience with any HVAC contractor.

Generally, the business of well heating and cooling contractor is

dependent on positive referrals & recommendations from

previous satisfied customers.

Review sites: If you couldn't get a recommendation from your

relatives, then you should visit authentic review sites that will

help you to find reputable HVAC contractors in your surroundings.

Licensed HVAC contractors: you will need to find fully licensed

contractors because from basic refrigerant mechanisms to more

complex piping, their expertise is verified in many areas of their

heating and cooling jobs. Licensed HVAC contractors will always

protect you against any legal liability issues because they never

want to lose their license. Mostly the Licensed contractors share

their credentials on websites.

Job Understanding: HVAC is a Vast industry especially when it

comes to industrial appliances that’s why some HVAC contractors

are even very good to work on some specific systems but they are

not experienced to repair all other systems so make sure that,

they completely understand the system installed in your home or


Recommendation on improvements: Based on the job’s

requirement, Good HVAC contractors will spend extra time in

inspecting your ductwork and changing air filters etc. You will

need to be on-site yourself to observe if they recommend

improvements inefficiency.

This way they will actually help you save your money and improve

the efficiency of your whole HVAC system.

Regular Maintenance: The maintenance of your heating and

cooling appliances especially your Furnace, Boiler, and Air

Conditioner is recommended once a year. A good HVAC

contractor is the one that promises you to visit your home every

year for Maintenance. It’s a very good idea to ask them to send

you a reminder via email to a text message when your date of

maintenance comes.

If you are trying to find the best reputable and reliable HVAC

contractor, Don’t worry ORIA Heating & Cooling is a fully licensed

and experienced HVAC contractor in Ottawa. We have a great

number of successful projects and happy clients.

If you are looking for any Heating/ Cooling help including

replacement, repair, or maintenance, please call us today at

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