Do I really need to get Maintenance on my Central Air Conditioner?

Posted by Steve on July 11, 2021

Category: Air Conditioner

“Get yearly maintenance on your air conditioner” You must have read this sentence on different heating cooling websites but have you ever tried to know the actual purpose of this activity? Is servicing an Air Conditioning really necessary once a year or can it be skipped? Let’s understand it and find out a correct answer.

Why Servicing on My Air Conditioner?

Prolong the life of your Air Conditioner; A qualified and experienced technician cleans, adjusts, and lubricates different parts of the air conditioner during routine maintenance. Not only that but the technician also looks for any possible problems and resolves them before they become bigger. And this servicing results in an extension in the life of your air conditioner.

Reduce Repairs;

calling, again and again, the HVAC technicians to repair your cooling system during summer is a headache. It’s not only about paying but having your family without cooling so one-time proper maintenance is a peace of mind for you in whole summer. Efficiency Improvement; Your Cooling system will run at the greatest efficiency if an expert has tuned it up properly. This means lowering your energy costs and reliable home comfort for you and your family. Improvement in Air Quality; It is essential that the circulating air from your air conditioner must be fresh and healthful to breathe.

Regular Maintenance improves indoor air quality. Contact (24/7 Line: 613-866-1869 Oria Heating and Colling for a Quality and Service for Air Conditioning Maintenance.

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