Is Hepa Filter is a good investment for my house in Ottawa?

Is Hepa Filter is a good investment for my house in Ottawa?

The simple answer for that is yes.

what it does;

Description from The Clean Comfort® CC-HEPAUV install on Return Duct or Return Remote Collar Mount system has dual UVC germicidal lights with three stages of filtration, a ventilator, a speed selection switch, and a cabinet enclosure system. After passing through the dual UVC germicidal lights, the ventilator pulls air through the pre-filter and then through the impregnated carbon pad for odor control. Finally, the last stage of filtration is the HEPA filter, which removes 99.97% of particles 0.3um in size that passes through the filter1. Features and Benefits • Dual UVC Lamps. • Installing the CC-HEPAUV in a bypass configuration allows for no added static pressure to the HVAC system. • Versatile installation: return duct mounting or return remote collar mounting with pre-punched knockouts. • Plug-in power cord (120 VAC); no field wiring required. • For smooth return duct mounting installation, use the provided mounting template and pre-punched openings on the back and top of the unit; no external ductwork is required when installing in duct mount configuration. • Heavy gauge steel cabinet with powder coat paint finish resists corrosion and provides rigid installation and durability. 1 Independent testing performed by LMS Technologies, Inc

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