Walk-In Cooler Repair In Ottawa Nepean

Cooler Is Freezing

If the walk-in cooler is freezing up, the first step is to melt ice off the evaporator, and then check that the evaporation fan is running and rotating correctly. Next, check for a clean coil and clear drain line. Also, check all gauges to be sure temperatures, subcooling, superheat, and pressures are all normal. If none of these steps solve the freezing problem, consult the owner’s manual or contact a repair technician. If only the first section of the evaporator is freezing, the problem may be a low charge or a restricted liquid line, drier, or metering device.

Unit Won’t Maintain Temperature

If the unit is cooling but won’t maintain the appropriate temperature, it may be a problem with the parts. First, check that the temperatures, subcooling, superheat, and operating pressures are all normal. Check that the door gaskets are sealing properly; if not, cold air could be escaping. Next, check the temperature control. If it’s turned to the coldest setting but turns the compressor off too early, it needs to be replaced. If that still doesn’t help, make sure all coils, panels, and grills are clean and properly functioning before

Unit Is Dead

As with any appliance that’s nonfunctional, the first step is to check that it’s plugged in, and the on/off switch is in the proper position. Or, if the unit is wired to a disconnect, verify that the disconnect has power. If there appears to be an electrical problem, we recommend contacting an electrician. If the plug or disconnect has power, it’s possible that there could still be a problem with the connections on either end; the next step is to check for broken or loose wires in both the plug or disconnect and the unit itself. Also, check for problems in the wiring of the ground and neutral. This can be done with the use of a non-contact voltage detector.

If these steps don’t indicate the problem, or there is some problem not listed here, call a repair technician to investigate. Oria Heating and Cooling at 613 866 1869.

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